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The song in my head (well, for now, anyway) is the fab tune above. Don't know who the heck sung it but it's an ace wee ditty. Guess it's somewhat different from my usual "Zipadeedoodah" or "When you're in love with a beautiful woman" by Dr Who! (Marie, Elton, Chris, Lindsey NB for 'dumb blonde' memory giggles).

We spent Hogmanay on Nai Harn beach. Saw some fantastic fireworks and consumed one or two alcoholic beverages. Everyone knows I'm such a cheap night out - two beers and I'll dance on any table! Well, for the record, I had 4 glasses of wine and got home on 1st at about 10am - really proud of this old gal for staying up so, so late.

What did you get up to? C'mon, share those insights.

Keith is having a well deserved lie in today. Bless, the guy is coping marvellously with my early mornings.

Heading to a strangely named 'ping pong' show in Patong on Saturday night. Not too sure what it will involve - everyone is saying that I will giggle even more than I normally do so I am intrigued. Somewhat concerned, however, that the guys are being cagey and it all seems a bit 'hush-hush'. Will report back with the details at a later date... any new experience is an education (I hope!)

Off to sing Zipadeedoodah whilst walking back to the bungalow.

Zipadeedoodah, zipadeeday, my oh my what a wonderful day...plenty of sunshine coming my way, zipadeedoodah, zipadeeYEAH

Go on, go on, sing it too ;)

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Special Hello's and...

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...Seasons Greetings to everyone.

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and are looking forward to a fantastic 2007.

I know the SL guys will be amazing at Q4 - hope you all remember to giggle when it gets tough and laugh when it gets good. And trust me, it will get good. Superstars you are :)

Thanks to Jill and Marie for the great message - fabulous to hear from you all. I smiled and smiled and smiled when I read it. Hope you do too when you read this. Go on, go on, it is truly infectious. Remember, if you see someone lacking a smile, give them one of yours.

We're still in Rawai, venturing to Krabi in a week or so. Krabi is the best rock climbing place in Thailand so we will, for sure, be spending some time there. Going to try and get Keith to scale a rock face. You know, if Keith can handle my face, he can handle any rock that comes along (haa, haa, haa - mega laughs).

Heading off parasailing today so will try and take some photos and get them loaded to the site. Had one or two challenges with photos and PC's so far so we'll let you know - be prepared, you're going to get about 40 photos in a 'one-er' (is that how you type it? Go on Mrs K, please correct my grammar!!)


Pamela x

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Contacting Us Via Travellerspoint

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Meant to say... if you want to send us a message, the travellerspoint site is very secure and you will not start to receive dodgy (spam) emails after registering.

Hear from you soon ;)

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Life on the other side of the world :)

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As you all consider whether to vote for Ray or Leona (go on, go on, vote for Ray!!) we are in a small village in the south east of Phuket Island called Rawai.

It's utter bliss to break from the tourist route and stay around the locals. This is the Thailand we hoped for :). Learning Thai pretty darned quick - deep end and jump are both real pertinent words - hee, hee!

Hope the countdown to Christmas is well underway and all purchases have been made. No need to get our address for pressies - hah, hah, hah, hah.

Off now to the beach, keeping well clear of 'timeshare' reps. Yep, they don't just exist in Spain!

Gonna keep smiling - please do so too ;)

P.S. The temperature really is 35!

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Phuket for Christmas?

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Headed off to Phuket in a few hours - just time to grab some fabulous thai veggies (food, that is) and head out to the airport.

Had an amazing night last night, although a few instances of somewhat bizarre - first was the offer of 5,000 Baht to be entertaining for local thai men for the night. The bloke obviously didn't realise that I was a Scottish accountant - with teuchter blood. Bartered for a decent price and then, of course, had to let him down gently. Oh my god!!

Second was the real, true blue thai boys - goodness, I wish I had a figure like that :)

Off for now - will type more when I locate a PC in Phuket.

Adios and Au Revior

Pamela x

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